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9 April

How Analytics Reports Generate More Leads

In order to maximize the very most out of your website, understanding your potential clients and their activity will allow you to take every opportunity you can to be the best agent they have worked with. You will provided with with live reports about the activity on your website, including email subscriptions, listing alerts, property search details, new leads, trends, and your users’ contact information. We help you understand where these leads originate from, which of your subpages performs best, how users behave on your website, and more.

An Informational Advantage for You

We generate more leads for you by giving your users an added benefit to giving you their information, while giving you insight into their real estate journey. Subscribers who sign up for the handy tools on your website such as getting their house evaluated or receiving relevant listings updates will be able to use these services for free in exchange for providing their contact information. Meanwhile, all you have to do is click on their name in the backend of your website to see what they are looking for and how to approach them.

From Simple to Detailed Analytics

Our user-friendly, easy-to-understand reports will make sure you get the full capacity out of your site, keeping you in control of the results of your marketing efforts without overwhelming you with an unnecessary or confusing information overload. We keep it focused on lead generation with data on which of your prospects are active, which ones would be best to reach out to, and who wants to receive more information, while tracking key performance gauges like percentage of users contacting you about buying or selling. You can also integrate Google Analytics for more extensively detailed reports on details such as landing pages, thorough user demographics, time spent per page, etc.

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