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19 March

Stationery Media Center – Print & Digital

Branding, Branding, Branding. It’s at the core of all successful business organizations and the real estate world is no different. For realtors, consistency in personal branding is extremely important in order to be recognized as a trustworthy professional. Maintaining a constant brand image could be the key to securing a client. As a full service real estate marketing solution, we customize all the components of our media kit to to your personal brand to ensure that you stand out as a reliable, memorable face in the industry – without you having to spend the extra time and money contracting out a designer.

Print Media – Business Cards & Open House Flyers

Business cards and open house flyers are vital to connecting with clients; however, it is important to make sure these are visually consistent with your brand. After receiving your business card, a client who follows up by visiting your website will be greeted by the same branding design. The consistency between each piece of media will remind them that you are the expert they can rely on for any of their realty needs. Continuing through the real estate journey, clients will want aesthetic imagery to generate more interest for their open house showings and increase their likelihood of receiving better offers. With every package, we provide an open house flyer (and the design file for your further use), saving you the time and effort of creating it yourself. The flyer includes your logos and information, the open house details, and photos of the home’s interior and exterior, all while remaining consistent with your branding.

Digital Media – Sellers’ Presentation & Email Design

As is the case with effective open house flyers, clients will want to work with a realtor who can showcase exactly what they can offer. We have created sellers presentation templates that match the rest of your media center to demonstrate your abilities to clients, while grabbing their attention in a sleek and easy-to-understand manner. Communication is key in keeping transactions running smoothly with buyers and makes everything easier for both sides. Our team will create custom emails with your chosen design that include your realtor image and logos, open house information, testimonials, current listings, and social media/contact information. You can easily send these to your clients on-the-go or whenever needed, without having to stress over formatting and restructuring them to match your business cards, flyers, and sellers’ presentation.

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